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Casting a ballot in Montgomery.

August 15, 2017

UPDATE:  Well, it seems I did not get the 2017 Republican nomination!  Judge Roy Moore got it, but then lost to the Democrat. I am extremely grateful to the Republican Party and the folks of Alabama for welcoming me. It was the second happiest experience of my life (the happiest being marriage).

The first Candidate Forum that I addressed was at the Farmer’s Federation on May 22 (I spoke on GMO foods).  It was fantastic. In June I’ve spoken at the New South Coalition (on cruelty in prisons); at Trump’s birthday barbecue in Hueytown (on Scalise’s baseball tragedy), at Florence (on protecting Mother Nature), and at the NAACP (on Immigration). At Rock Family Worship I made a fuss (on vaccination and Gulf War Illness), and on the Dale Jackson radio show (on blown levees at NOLA). At Central Alabama Republicans (I sang a song), at Elmore County Republicans spoke (on my “committee of ten”), and on Real Life radio (on war and treason). I performed at Limestone County (on Pizzagate), and at the Blount County Chamber of Commerce and Lions Club 100th anniversary (on lies, lying and liars).


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