Mary W Maxwell, LLB     

UPDATE:  Well, it seems I did not get the 2017 Republican nomination!  Judge Roy Moore got it, but then lost to the Democrat. I am extremely grateful to the Republican Party and the folks of Alabama for welcoming me. It was the second happiest experience of my life (the happiest being marriage).


After the election, I ventured to sue President Trump for threatening to nuke North Korea (not permitted by the Constitution, ya know). Tulsi Gabbard is  a Congressional leader against regime-change wars. Sen Rand Paul is, too.


In November 2017, Judge Torruella in Boston's federal Court of Appeals allowed me to join the Tsarnaev case as an amicus curiae. I argue that the Boston Marathon bombing was "not as advertised." Please find the facts in my book '"The Soul of Boston and the Marathon Bombing." (SEE THE VIDEO BELOW)



After that, in 2018, some mothers in Australia who had their children stolen by the courts (not joking) asked me for help and that occupied me full time for a year. It's explained in my book  "Reunion: Judging the Family Court." Boy, did scales fall from mine eyes when I beheld the power of courts to break up a family.


Currently, the imprisonment of a fellow whistleblower, Richard Taus, has caused me to find out what our prisons are like. Whew! And did you know the CIA runs black sites? In America? Hello?  Please get down to it, O Citizens. It always depends on "society" to assert justice. That's you.

Casting a ballot in Montgomery. August 15, 2017