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The Big Lie Is Killing Us — 9-11, Boston Marathon, and Port Arthur

August 12, 2017

What was I thinking of, going around the state of Alabama in my campaign, never once mentioning the words Nine-Eleven.  Of course everything hangs from that one terrible sin. Almost everything, anyway. Here is how I see it today.


To Plan a World War

The cabal (World Government, the crims, whatever name you prefer) planned many years before 2001 to stage a knockdown of the World Trade Center. It’s even probable that the Towers were in purpose-built for this. I lived in Manhattan at that time (early 1970s) and we residents were not too pleased with the giant new buildings. Similarly, as I argue below,  the planning was instigated before 1970, to finger Arabs for the “attack.”  All of this was part of a brilliant plan to get nations to enter a new world war — World War III.


How could anyone want a world war, you may ask. Good question, but the record now shows that some person (British lords Esher and Grey) wanted World War I — and made it happen. Poor soldiers living in trenches for more than a year – imagine it – and none of their government leaders, for instance, in Germany and America, seemed to have a clue. The dirt on the Great War (1914-1918) has now been exposed by Gerry Docherty and Jim MacGregor in their book 2014 Hidden History.  WWII is likely to have used a similar approach.  (Note; in Greg Hallett’s book, Hitler Was a British Agent we learn that Hitler spent the year 1913 at … wait for it … Tavistock in London.)


Preparing the Stereotype

The preparation for “blaming the Arabs” – which later turned into “blaming Muslims” — began at least as early as 1968 when Sirhan Sirhan was chosen to be the patsy for the killing of Robert F Kennedy. Those of us Americans who were alive at the time (I was 21) may recall that this was the first time in living memory that a foreigner was blamed for an assassination. I note that Sirhan recently lost his umpteenth attempt at getting parole from a California prison. He can’t be allowed out, as he would surely spill many beans to us.


Ditto Jahar Tsarnaev in Supermax prison. Ditto Martin Bryant in a mental ward. (And we are letting all three suffer.)

As for Arabs being the stereotype of airport terrorism, I discovered (when preparing my 2006 lawsuit against Pres George W Bush) that there were many “airport-related” incidents involving Arabs, many of them unbelievable on the face of it. (This is known in legalese as “facially unbelievable.” My lawsuit was called “facially absurd” by the defendants’ lawyers.).


One such airport incident allegedly was carried out by a combined force of a Palestinian and Japanese militia. Amazing.  I have listed the incidents in my book Prosecution for Treason.


I now claim that each of them was staged. I don’t think your basic rebel would start by shooting people in an airport, much less by hijacking a plane – do you?


Organizing the Big Crime

For the moment let’s leave the subject of 9-11, and its preparation, to mention two other false-flag cases that I have investigated in some depth. I now see the Marathon bombing as having been planned mainly for conditioning the people of a very educated city, Boston (“the Athens of the north”). The Powers That Be were testing to find if they could get people to accept martial law. Indeed, Bostonians did accept it, on April 19th, 2013, setting a terrible precedent.


As for the Port Arthur massacre of 1996, the explanation most preferred by critics is that it was a gun-control event. I suppose that’s true, as ready-to-wear legislation demanding an end to gun rights was available straightaway. Australia is lucky that gun-owners made the biggest stink — they were the citizens most ready to assert that the massacre of 35 people (20 of them in a restaurant) was arranged by the authorities. Yes, that was later proven by a Court’s shenanigans – always a giveaway.) But I think Port Arthur was also meant as a rehearsal for media participation, and hospital participation, in government crime.


The Formula Is So Simple

The simplicity of these plans is amazing. I invite anyone to write a jingle to capture it.

  1. Prepare a patsy in advance; get the public ready to think of that type of person as a mass-killer.

  2. Produce a dramatic event with a lot of loss of life — Port Arthur 35 fatalities, Boston 6, Nine-Eleven 3,000.

  3. Cook up legislation that makes us citizens look like suspicious characters, and restrict our civil liberties accordingly.


Don’t Drop the Ball

When each of the three parts of the formula is completed, the guilty parties in government make sure not to drop the ball. They increase the talk about the original event and they stage many copycat events of lesser drama. They augment the image-making of the lone nutter, the Muslim, the terrorist.

Nine-eleven has a full commercial movie Let’s Roll, about the heroic deeds of passengers aboard Flight 93 – completely fictitious.  The Marathon bombing has a full commercial movie, Patriot’s Day, completely untrue as to how the bombers had a shootout with heroic police and FBI, as well as developing the fiction as to how the Tsarnaev brothers became radicalized.


The Sequelae: Anti-Rights Legislation

The legislatures continually come out with legislation that shows just how bad those Muslim terrorist are!

Examples from US federal law (i.e., passed by Congress):

  1. The Patriot Act of 2001

  2. The Homeland Security Act of 2002

  3. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) of 2006


There is also the use of SAMs – these Special Administrative Measures are what keep Jahar Tsarnaev from talking to anyone in prison and prevent even his family from asking him relevant questions.  (The SAMs are not strictly law, they entail an administrative decision within the US Bureau of Prisons).

The Judiciary also plays along.  Citizens may bring a defense to a crime that they are accused of — espionage for example — or may sue for a breach of their rights,  but the judge will not listen to their criticism of the unconstitutional law. Recall that my case was labelled “facially absurd” when there was nothing absurd about it. (It was a request for an injunction against the president’s threat to bomb Iran and Syria, without Congress’s approval – how constitutional can you get.)


The Sequellae:  Wars in the Middle East

Nine-Eleven granted a blank check for the US to do things it has no justification for doing. As General Wesley Clark revealed in 2007 on a television show (Democracy Now), the Pentagon stated in a memo in 2001 that it planned to destroy seven countries in five years. Those countries were subsequently subjected to economic sanctions, bombing, and/or regime change. (Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Iran.)

I think it’s reasonable to claim that the staging of the Nine-Eleven event is responsible for all that. To put it the other way around, had there not been a falling of two (actually three) skyscrapers in 2001, there wouldn’t have been an excuse for destroying those countries. Note: Afghanistan is not listed in Wesley Clark’s list of 7 countries as the US was already warring in Afghanistan since October 8, 2001 — apparently before the 2001 memo to which General Clark refers.


The Sequellae: Police Brutality at Home

In the Sixties and the Seventies there were many court cases tending to enlarge the meaning of the Bill of Rights. For instance, the case of Miranda led to the requirement that police inform suspects of their right to remain silent. (“Read him his Mirandas.”)


The 1966 Civil Rights Act – which is incorrectly thought to be mainly about racial matters – gave every US person the right to sue if his constitutional rights were violated.  This law (codified at 42 USC 1983) especially made police officers subject to lawsuit if they used excessive force during arrest.

Bus now we are subject to constant news stories about police brutality, as if we are supposed to accept it as the norm. For instance, police enter homes at 3am with gun drawn. They throw elderly people to the floor.  In regard to the Boston search, householders were told to stay outside their homes for many hours. That was clearly uncalled for as the police had just completed the mission on that home, which was to look for a suspect.


Also when Jahar, the suspect, was found, police (or “FBI”) shot an acknowledged 228 bullets at the boat in which he was sleeping. We are all supposed to think this was “necessary.” Whatever happened to normal procedure for capturing suspects alive? Also, on the day of the search, Jahar’s friends were tracked down and intimidated.

In the Shadow of the Big Lie

So far I have claimed that Nine-Eleven and the other two events (Boston and Port Arthur) have resulted in the death of many people and the destruction of whole nations – as well as such sequelae as new legislation and police brutality. But I feel it is much bigger than that These false events are leading us into a world conflagration — World War III. How can that be so?

Nine-Eleven was the perfect lie because it was so big. Citizens feel like fools if they express any doubt that 19 Arab hijackers were responsible for the attack on the World Trade Center. (Note: it is acceptable to blame the US for “intelligence failures” — that is. for not heeding early warnings about terrorism.)


As a result, we have a whole nation living with a lie. We are all living in the shadow of the gross horror of an attack in New York City in broad daylight that was carried out with the complicity of the White House and the Pentagon. Inevitably this weird silence, this blockage of the brain, must eat away at American society.


Let me now list a frightening sequella of Nine Eleven: the loss of the Rule of Law.

Sequellae: Rule of Law Done Gone


If you haven’t yet discovered the Youtube series “Lawless America,” presented by ordinary American citizen Bill Windsor, you may not be aware that he has found judges in almost all the 50 states to be breaking the law. Most of Bill Windsor’s videos consist of interviews with persons who have suffered the consequences of that terrible situation. They can’t get the law to work.


Folks may not realize the importance of Rule of Law. They may think the entity in Washington DC known as the federal government – all three branches – is our ruler. Oh no! Definitely not.  The LAW is what rules us, and that means the Constitution, the common law that we inherited from Mother England, and all statutes passed by states so long as these are not in breach of the US Constitution.


It is absolutely wonderful to be have Rule of Law. It makes you safe. It gives everyone dignity. Unfortunately, we are losing more of it every day. How can people stand up for the ideals of Rule of Law when they are at the same time hiding in the shadow, as mentioned earlier, of the big Lie about 9/11? It’s just not possible. The two things are incompatible.



So long as we continue to accept the official story of Nine Eleven, we are not going to progress in the many areas that need attention. “The whole thing about government is false.” And the habit of lying is contagious. Today I purchased a bottle of orange juice. It says “NON-GMO.”  Maybe that is true but I have no secure basis for believing it.


Who is supervising the honesty of merchants – government?  Um, but government can’t even be honest about the calamity of the century – Nine-Eleven. Why trust anything our leaders do or say?

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