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I declare my candidacy for US Senate -- Mary Maxwell.


Here is, roughly, what I stand for:


I stand for the rule of law.


I stand for strict adherence to our wonderful – almost miraculous -- Constitution.


I stand for states rights, extremely.  Police powers are state, not federal. And so is education.


I stand for the environment, that is, the biosphere, God’s creation, without which we cannot live.


I stand for the Sherman Anti-Trust act, and its power to curtail the huge corporations, including media corporations.


I stand for citizen-run (not prosecutor-run) grand juries.


I’m all the way with the right to marry and the right to carry.


I’d propose loyalty oaths that would prevent members of secret societies from running government.


What do I stand against?


I stand against war. Period.  Or “regime change,” as in Libya.


I hate invasion of privacy.


I will oppose mandatory vaccinations with my life.


I will seek indictments re medical experimentation on soldiers.


I stand against cruelty in prisons, and privatizing the prisons.


I stand against the judiciary protecting various criminals, including pedophile rings. (Do I really have to say that?)


What could I do for America if I were in the Senate?

I would maintain the federal Constitution.


What could I do for Alabama if I were in the Senate?  

I would maintain the federal Constitution.


My first priority would be to work with like-minded senators on the three areas in which I see an all-out deviation from the Constitution:


First, since war is imminent, I would insist that there be no war making apart from what was allowed by James Madison and colleagues in 1787, in Article I, Section 8.


Second, I would do what the House has just done – demand an audit of the Fed.  Of course that would be only a step toward the necessary repeal of the outrageously unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act of 1913.


Third, I would look into government bullying. We can’t have government bullying us; it’s unheard of.

And what is this thing called Homeland Security? Does the homeland get more secure by banning protests? Oh Lord, what a thought.


What do I lack ability for?


I am not up on Glass Stegall. Being age 70 it’s unlikely my brain will develop a new talent for understanding investment banking -- and no doubt many other things.  


Speaking of being age 70, the person that Alabama should be sending to the Senate should be more like 40. A 40-year old has 50 years ahead of him/her to put up with the decisions that are made.


I’m also not going to be dealing with – not for lack of competence but as a matter of principle – anything to do with culture wars. What principle is that, Mary? Two principles: First, I refuse to fall for the trick by which the media sets the political agenda by providing us with little enmities that will take our eyes off the really vital issues.


Second, unless I am mistaken, Congress has no way to enact legislation on these cultural matters. It will be enough for me to fight for the things I already mentioned.


And now to Mary. Where the Sam Hill did she come from?

Is she a carpetbagger? Technically, yes. I flew in from the other side of the planet. I was born in Massachusetts -- grew up there, then lived in several other states: Maryland, Michigan, New Hampshire, and New York. Then met George, an Australian, and followed him Down Under in 1980.


My only connection to Alabama (so far) is that Mom and Dad lived in Montgomery during the war, as Dad was in the Army Air Corps. Also I feel connected to Birmingham, intellectually, as the conservationist EO Wilson from that city has been my mentor for many years.


Since 2000 I have been a widow. I made one try at Congress in 2006 and was not planning to do it again. It’s only two weeks ago that I learned there was to be a special Senate election here. I thought, Gee, Rand Paul is not the only person who knows how to filibuster – I could do it, too.


If you will but give me the chance.

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