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Hold on --Am I AUSSIE or am I SEPPO?


Today, August 10, 2017, in Birmingham, Alabama I was allowed to speak on radio –  30 minutes of straight-out blather, and 45 minutes of taking calls.


Everybody was nice to me.  At the sign-off of the first half they played John Williamson’s “True Blue”, in my honor.


I never imagined anyone would do that for me in my life – but there it was – on a public broadcast in the American South!


I’m not going  to play it for you right now, as I’ve run out of Kleenex, but here’s another John Williamson’s song:

















And y’all Seppo’s need to think about this one:















[Note: the term Seppo can be an endearment. It’s Cockney rhyming slang. To rhyme with ‘Yank’ you get ‘septic tank.’  Do NOT take umbrage. Aussies have got to do what Aussies got to do.]








Andrea Tice and Scott Chambers hosted Mary Maxwell for the August 10 Yellowhammer Radio Show. 

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