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While on the Greyhound Bus to Huntsville, Mobile, Athens, or Bham, I wrote articles.
Double asterisk ** means written after the election of August 15.




Manmade Hurricane Harvey  (August 31)**


When Did Boston Go Scared? A Message from Alabama. (August 14)

Good Versus Evil: How To Level the Playing Field  (August 13)


The “Polish” Problem  (August 10)

No Country Can Serve Two Masters (August 9)


Packing with the Sherman Anti-trust Act (August 3)

Striking Iran and Syria:  Plus ça change (August 2)

Regime Change: Will the “Martians” Really Do It to America? (July 30)

Antidotes to Powerlessness, Part 2: Inspecting the DoJ and the FBI (july 29)




The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and 9/11  (August 29)**


Who Killed Cock Robin?  (August 27)**


The Big Lie Is Killing Us – 9/11  (August 12)


Who Did 9-11? (August 6)




CIA Man Knows Who the Real President of the US Is  (August 18)**


Something about Solidarity and Truth  (July 24)​

Made My Day!  (July 3)


Trump Should Not Look Beleaguered  (June 19)


The Tragic Congressional Baseball Game  (June 16)


Finally, a Strong Attorney General  (June 14)


Can Any Good Come Out of Quantico?  (June 12)




How About Taking Trump to Court Over His Threat To Bomb Syria and Iran**


Rep Barbara Lee Sunsetted the AUMF but the Sun Rose Again  (August 7) **


North Korea: The Hobbesian Dilemma Coming Full Circle?  (July 13)

What Is NATO Doing Tonight?  (July 7)


Fascinating Proposal for a Lawsuit against NATO Members (June 20)





Vaxwise: Ty Bollinger’s Interviews with Many Doctors on Vaccines **


Health Care, Part 4: Obama Care Out, Charity In  (July 15)


Health Care, Part 3: Who Suppresses Good Cures for Cancer?  (July 4, 2013)

Health Care, Part 2: Autism and the Persons Who Killed Dr Bradstreet  (July 3)

Health Care, Part 1: Disentangle Yourself from the Rockefellers (July 2)




Everybody’s Got a Marathon Story  (August 23)**


Neurofuse, Mind Control, and Brice Taylor. (August 15)


Four Easy Tip-offs for Conspiracy-Theory Events  (July 16, 2017)

The Breaking of the Levees in New Orleans, “Gentrification,” and Jewish Law  (July 10)


Manna from Heaven! – A Radio Jock Takes Candidate Maxwell Down Conspiracy Lane (July 8)


Birmingham’s Tornado and Mobile’s Rain – Caused by Geo-engineering? Introduction to Conspiracy Theory (June 24)


Congress, 9-11, and the Constitution  (May 29)




Bravo to Dylan Voller on His Candidacy and a Word about Tavistock  (July 29)


Forgiveness for Hillary, Immunity for Podesta: A Open Letter to the AG  (June 23)


Ziglar, a Shocker of a Supreme Court Case: Mueller and Ashcroft Walk Free  (June 21)

McMartin Pre-school and Marc Dutroux Cases of Unpunished Pedophilia  (June 18)




Legacy and Leadership. Why Can’t Adelaide Say No to This Erection?  (July 14)

EO Wilson, the Intellectual Giant from Birmingham, Turns 88 (June 29)


Oh To Be in Montgomery, Now That Pride Is There (june 26)




Antidotes to Powerlessness, Part 1: Who Can Spank Whom?

Thoughts on Chucking Out the Constitution  (June 30)


Rolling Back the Legislative Tie-in  (June 14)


A New Legislator on the Horizon?  (May 17)

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